• Fees: 25000, (new students)
             22000, (Old Students)
  • Duration: One year from date of subscription(Can be subscribed anytime)
  • No of tests: 24 or more
  • Nature: Online and offline
  • Tools needed: Camscan mobile app, gmail id
  • Payment: Online banking
  • Course Starting: From January 26th 2017
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Ever since the pattern and scheme of exam has changed in 2013, current affairs has acquired a central and dominant position in the comprehensive strategy and preparation matrix for UPSC examination.

This unique course is meticulously and carefully crafted to cater the need of increasing current affairs based questions in UPSC examination.


We all know Mains is that part of the exam which will test the aspirant for his/her speed, agility, perseverance, dedication, elasticity, adaptability, hard work along with knowledge.

UPSC will test you actually on those 6 days of Mains examination. Each day you will be made to write for 6 hours and around 40-50 questions each of around 150 words. You will have room of around 6 minutes to complete one question. While it is easy to write random 150-200 words in around 6 minutes. But it is very difficult to write a logical and comprehensive answer having introduction-body-conclusion in the aforesaid 6 minutes.

Here, the importance of answer writing comes into picture. The marks you get in GS papers is directly and proportionately related to the number of answers you have written before exam.

It is mandated that a serious and sincere aspirant should not only read a particular topic but also write answer simultaneously after reading a topic.

You can read a topic, say Poverty from newspaper, current affairs, budget, economic survey etc. But until and unless you write 2-3 answers on different dimensions of Poverty you won't remember what you have read on poverty.

Imagine you are preparing Poverty topic in January and do you think you can remember the points till your mains exam? You will not be able to reproduce the points until and unless you write your answers on Poverty and re read-revise remember your answer 3-4 times before exam.

While some students know the importance of developing the skill of answer writing, many of the aspirants are still ignorant.

There are few online platforms that put questions on daily basis based on current affairs in news. But I have found out that these questions are not applied but just a copy-paste work from the article that have come in the days newspaper.

You cannot write a particular question comprehensively as long as you have read all dimensions related to the issue in the question. Writing answer after reading only one article that comes in newspaper won't help you.

The person writing the article may be telling only one dimension related to the topic. You should go beyond the article and search for other dimensions and include in your answer to make it comprehensive.

The current affairs material that you will receive every 15 days will be prepared after doing necessary research on that topic in a holistic manner. You don't have to read any material on that topic after reading material I give.(Sample topic in the end)

There are compilation of answers in the market that are written by other students. Students do buy the year long compilation of answers. But, my question is why isn't everyone reading those answers passing the exam?

The answers written by someone else will not help you. You can read 100 answers, but reading won't help. You yourself have to write the answers-separate them as per syllabus- re read them 3-4 times in order to remember the points and write as and when needed.

Many students complain and simultaneously worry that there is no one to evaluate or give feedback to the answers they have written.

It so happens that they write answers for months together but there is hardly any improvement as there is no feedback for the answers they have written.

This course aims to cater both the needs of mains examination. While on one hand you will be getting quality and UPSC standard questions on current events in news and on other hand you will get detailed feedback to the answer for each question that will come in the current affairs test that will be conducted every fort night.

Your answer sheets will be subjected to strict UPSC compatible evaluation wherein over a period of time you will be though the art of answer writing.

You will learn how to use your limited knowledge to write a complete and logical answer having standard introduction body- conclusion.

You will be thought how to give introduction and give that logical conclusion. You will be thought how to critically evaluate a particular topic and substantiate your views on a particular issue.

This strategist course will take your current affairs preparation one step ahead. This unique initiative will surely help you in getting good score in GS papers of Mains.


In prelims, our experience from past three years has been unique. There have been many questions on current affairs. Though many of the questions were very silly and memory based, Prelims was not really a cakewalk for many of the students; even for the senior aspirants.

This is not surprising because the reasons were obvious.

Firstly, the CSAT paper became qualifying and this gave sleep less nights for aspirants from science background who used to ride easy and high on aptitude based questions.

Secondly, sheer neglect of blending traditional areas of study with current aspects in news.

There are many magazines and modules that claim to cater the requirements of current affairs. So, if a student has accessibility to both material and guidance I personally find no reason that should be responsible in making the Paper 1 in Prelims a big hurdle.

Many aspirants either study only traditional books like Laxmikant or Spectrum and fail to add or blend those books with current affairs material.

I would like to tell you that, no matter how many magazines you purchase and how many specialised modules for current affairs you attend, without self study you will not be able to clear the prelims.

When I say self study, I don't mean studying for hours together. There is a unique method that you will have to apply in order to clear Prelims and Mains.

For Prelims, solving as many MCQ's as possible is the ONLY key. Your schedule is incomplete and self study is incomplete if you don't include the premium and key ingredients of success i.e solving MCQ's.

Take for example, there is this topic of Agni V in news. No mater how much ever you read on this topic. No matter how much research you do on Agni V, you will not be able to solve the question on Agni V in the prelims exam until and unless you are exposed to various MCQ's on Agni V.

Reading on Agni V is very easy but applying that knowledge you acquired on Agni V in solving MCQ is altogether different. It is the second aspect that UPSC will test and check upon.

I will remind you again that this is not a completely knowledge based exam. Knowledge will take you only half way. The rest half will have to be covered using your intuition, smart decision making ability, elimination skills and common sense!

Each question will be prepared with great care to the extent it will test you for the above mentioned traits.

And I am of the view that these traits have to be acquired. Administrators are not born and are made and you will and can become a good administrator only if you have such traits and such traits will come only if you are exposed to such questions very often.

So, reading the current affairs is only one important aspect but practising MCQ's based on those current affairs is second and most important thing.

This course is designed not to give you loads of current affairs material that already many institutes and magazines already do.

I am not planning to give any current affairs material for prelims but I intend to make you solve as many MCQ's as possible on current affairs and eventually help you to acquire the knack of elimination, increase your accuracy, make the best use of the limited knowledge you have and help you make prelims a cakewalk!


Subscription to this course will end that difficult job of searching requisite MCQ's on current affairs for practice.

For Prelims : You will be able to solve hundreds of MCQ's before the exam on current affairs. You will be exposed to numerous questions of UPSC standard in the current affairs test. It will help you to perform not only in the mock exam but also in the Prelims examination.

For Mains : Subscription to this course will end that herculean task of quality Mains oriented and UPSC standard questions and that task of finding a person who will evaluate the answers you have written in a UPSC standard manner.

You will be made to write and prepare around 400 answers on your own. Before the mains exam you will have around 80-100 answers on each GS paper.

I am of the view that only by revising these answers you will write on your own in this course, you will be able to push your marks beyond 100 in each GS paper!

This course will help not only those students who have finished the coaching, but also those students who are doing self study.

In fact, if you regularly write the answers and follow current affairs that this course will offer, you will not need any classes!

Since majority of the questions in Mains exam are current affairs based, this course will be a boon for students and students can go ahead with the preparation with confidence and clear the exam easily.


You will be getting comprehensive current affairs material every 15 days that will cater to all the requirements of UPSC.

On every 20th day (i.e 5 days after receiving material) there will be current affairs based test covering both prelims and mains.

There will be prelims oriented MCQ's and around 15-20 mains oriented questions.

For example, the current affairs material related to January 1st to January 15th will be sent on 15th and Prelims and Mains oriented test on the topics in news between January 1st to 15th will be contacted on 20th.

Both the prelims and mains questions will be in the same answer sheet PDF. You will be asked to take the print out of the same and attempt the paper in the same sheet and submit back in PDF form.

The copies will be checked with detail comment for each answer and sent back along with model answers for the questions in PDF format to subscriber's email address.

Having said this, I don't intend to give you loads of current affairs material like how magazines in market now do. I will not just copy and paste statements from newspaper articles like some websites do.

Based on my experience and analysis of blueprint of Mains question paper of previous years, I will carefully pick up important topics for both Prelims and Mains.

I will choose relevant topics and prepare questions for both Prelims and Mains that are actually of UPSC standard.


This shall be a online module and it will be facilitated through gmail like other Political Science and GS 2 course till the time my website is altered and built to accommodate this course without any hassle.

Once website is stable and robust we can think of online test for prelims section with immediate display of results and All India Rank among the aspirants.


Our experience has showed us that UPSC is highly unpredictable and the chances of getting into the final list and that too into All India Services depends on various factors.

It is advised that you keep on preparing till the time your name appears into that final list. Just because you have written mains or have given interviews you should not neglect and stop preparing.

This course is unique in another way. You can join this anytime of the year and kick start your current affairs preparation in comprehensive way under expert and experienced supervision and guidance. Once fees is paid, you will be part of the course for one year.


In order to make you better understand how exactly I am going to prepare the current affairs notes for the purpose of this course I have attached sample notes on topic Child, Differently abled and Old Age  to the same mail.

These topics are some among that I am preparing now. They may need changes/deletions/additions. They are being sent only for making you understand the comprehensiveness of notes I intent to give in this course.

Each topic will be treated in the following manner.

  • Classification on the topic as per the UPSC syllabus.
  • Previous year and probable questions on the topic in mains examination.
  • Previous year and probable questions on the topic in Prelims.
  • Previous year and probable questions on the topic in Essay paper.
  • In depth analysis covering all dimensions in news.
  • Additions to the same material as and when new dimensions come into limelight.

All topics in news will be subjected to above mentioned process so that you don't have to search any other source for the same topic.

Also, as and when new dimension or content is generated on the same topic, it will be updated in our notes.


Current affairs material will be focusing on GS papers Mains examination. Important issues will be picked up and exhaustive material will be given.

This course limits only to providing of MCQ's for purpose of Prelims exam. I don't find any need or reason of preparing current affairs notes for Prelims as there is already loads of content for that purpose in the market.

It is to be noted that this program is fully online and different from any other course that I teach at Vajiram And Ravi or elsewhere.

It will be independent and unique trademark initiative of Shubhra Ranjan IAS Study Ltd.

There are limited seats and admission will be purely based on first cum first serve basis.

The course will formally start on 26th January and first test will be on February 15th. Schedule for tests will be sent as and when admissions are done.

Any suggestions and feedback is welcome. Let us strive to make your path to success simple-smart-easy and enjoyable.

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