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  • Fees: 25000(With updated notes of latest batch. Suggested for new Students) 23000(Old Students. Only tests, no updated class notes)
  • Duration: July 2017 to October 2018
  • No of tests: 24
  • Nature: Online (Different from Vajiram crash course and test series)
  • Tools needed: Camscan mobile app, gmail id
  • Payment: Online banking
  • Account details:
    • Acc Num: 914020003999064
    • IFSC Code: UTIB0001838
    • Branch: AXIS BANK, Mukherji nagar, Delhi
    • Contact Details:
    • 9818745216

The course shall comprise of:

  1. 16 Tests before Prelims+8 Tests after Prelims
  2. Postal Correspondence.(Available only in Rs 25000 course)
  3. Periodical Assignments before the tests.
  4. Topic wise test.
  5. Discussion videos on each test.
  6. Model answers for each test.


It is a well established fact that most of the students wont clear the exam in their first attempt. Once the coaching is done many students leave Delhi. Once aspirants finish their coaching they loose the track of the optional subject and over a period of time they forget the concepts. Since optionals require specialised answers, it is mandated that aspirants should not only retain what they have learnt in coaching class but also improve upon them by systematic, sustained and comprehensive preparation under supervision.


This course is for such students who leave Delhi for their hometown and also for students who want to regularly write answers for Political Science.


You must have noticed that all the toppers with this subject as optional are of the view that this subject needs a lot of answer writing practice backed by crystal clarity and maturity of thoughts on topics mentioned in the syllabus. This course aims at making the aspirants write as many answers as possible before the exam. Don't be surprised if you end up writing around 350 answers by the time you appear in mains examination!


We shall be giving schedule following which will make you cover the syllabus in comprehensive and holistic manner. The schedule will be having topic and sub topic wise tests at regular intervals on pre decided dates. Topics and resources to refer and prepare from will be given in advance.


Once you enrol we will also be telling you how to read a book and how to prepare for the tests. Many aspirants get tensed seeing the number of books or list of sources. But you should understand that my class notes are more than sufficient to clear this exam and many students in the past have cleared this exam with excellent marks in Political Science just by reproducing what is there in the class notes.

It is to be noted that this course(Available only in Rs 25,000 course also includes updated Political Science Kit. The kit comprises of handwritten class notes(latest batch - ended in May 2016) along with previous year question bank and some model answers of UPSC Toppers.

It covers the entire syllabus of the subject for UPSC Mains exams. For the purpose of this course also, the class notes will and should form the base of your preparation. You should read as many times as possible. However, we are of the view that by reading some topics from reference books we specify aspirants can get better and greater clarity of topics mentioned in the syllabus.

Not all the books we mention are to be read. We will be telling you which book and what part or topic from that book should be read. Once you read and make notes from such books they should be kept aside. The purpose of such books is only to get extra clarity so that when you write answers they will stand aside from generalist answer and impress the evaluator.


Students have to prepare for the topics and write these tests and send us the scanned copies in PDF format or through post/courier. The copies will be checked with detail comment for each answer and sent back along with model answers for the questions in PDF format to subscribers email address. The discussion videos for each test will be uploaded into you account once you submit the written answer sheets. Each subscriber will get their own unique login id and password to access their account. Videos can be accessed ONLY through your online account.


Before each test I shall be sending small assignments. You will be asked to take print out of the same and write short notes to the questions in about 50 words. This will help you get greater clarity of thought on topics you study before tour tests.

The model answers will be sent ONLY to the students who take the test seriously and send their answer sheets. Our aim is to make you score the maximum in this subject.

On one hand it takes lot of effort to prepare the test question paper and evaluate the answer sheets and on the other hand you have paid the course fees which should not go waste.

We should build supporting symbiotic relationship by way of taking our job seriously. Please note that only disciplined aspirants will be able to clear this exam. We shall facilitate you in preparing and expect you also to be equally enthusiastic, serious and disciplined.


By doing this course you will finish the syllabus and have lot of writing practice. We shall be conducting 24 tests. 16 tests will be topic wise and held before the prelims i.e June 2017. The rest 8 will be after the prelims. These 8 will include 4 section wise tests and 4 comprehensive tests on Paper I and II.

The rest 8 will be like your normal mains test series which many of them will join. But we are of the view that there will be a lot of difference between a student who has written answers year long and student who hasn't and the paper will be altogether different with higher difficulty level given the fact that you are better prepared by writing 17 tests year long.


Initially the course will be facilitated through gmail and as and when the website will be launched you will be surpassed the payment gateway and given login credentials. Thereon using website you can upload your sheets, download corrected sheets and watch videos using your personalised dashboard.


It is to be noted that this program is fully online and different from the Test Series Plus Crash Course that I do at Vajiram And Ravi.

Since there are limited seats admission will be purely based on first cum first serve basis.

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