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Name: Petal Gahlot

Rank: 96

Marks in Political Science: Paper 1-133 Paper 2-130 Total-263

1) Do you have a Political Science background? Are there any specific reasons why you chose Political Science as a optional for Mains examination?

2) From Perspective of a successful candidate do you suggest the aspirants to take political science as optional subject in Mains examination?

3) It is often said that political science optional will help an aspirant in scoring good marks in Essay and GS paper 2. Do you think it is true? What are your views on it?

4) Do you think the notes of Shubhra Ranjan ma'am are sufficient to get maximum marks in this subject?

5) What is the ideal time to master the subject?

6) To what extent answer writing practice is important in scoring maximum marks in the subject?

7) Do you think solving previous year questions helps?

8) How many days/ weeks before the exam, you started answer writing practice?

9) What mistakes did you do in preparing this optional? Are you satisfied with the marks that you have got in Political Science? If you were to write mains examination again what course correction you would do with respect to political science?

10) Did you write any test series for political science?

11) What is the importance of Test Series? How many tests an aspirant has to write before the mains examination?

12) Did you link the concepts of paper 1 in Paper 2 and vice versa? If so, please give a example.

13) Did you quote names of scholars like C Rajamohan/Harsh Pant while writing answers in International Relations?

14) What are the common mistakes that the aspirants make while preparing this subject?

15) In what format you wrote the answers in optional subject? Did you write in paragraph form or did you write in points format?

16) Do you think it is important to maintain standard, Introduction-Body-Conclusion, format in writing answers for optional subject?

17) On which paper did you focus more? On paper 1 or Paper 2?

18) In paper 1 and Paper 2 which sections did you focus more?

19) Many students write three answers from section B of both Paper 1 and paper 2. How many questions did you attempt from section B?

20) Which paper do you find easy Paper 1 or Paper 2?

23) What are the other general tips that you would like to give to the aspirants so that they get maximum marks in this subject?

24) Do you think optional subject will be removed in the near future? What are your views on it? Optional should be retained or removed?

25) What according to you is important, writing as many answers as possible or reading as much material as possible?

26) Do you think preparing answers and remembering some stereo type statements in hand will help during the exam? Did you remember any of the quotes you studied and reproduced in the exam hall?

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