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We are on a mission to help you realize your dreams! A beautiful dream of becoming efficient steel pillars of this country. We want to help you realize this nobel dream in turn indirectly be a part of nation building process. In our quest to help you realize your dreams we intend to make you smart. Being smart is the most essential characteristics that any aspirant has to have in order to clear this exam. Through this forum we wish to install some traits of a smart aspirant in you that will enable you to identify what to read and what not and which book to refer and for what topics.

The nature, characteristics, dynamics, syllabus, and approach of UPSC has undergone a sea change. From 2 GS papers in 2012 now we have 4. From 1 Essay in 2013 to 2 Essays since 2014. CSAT has become qualifying from 2015. Mains syllabus has almost everything in it from ancient history to ethics and aptitude. But at the same time, the availability, accessibility and affordability of sources to study for and clear this exam has become easy. We believe with use of technology, we can better prepare. We can make the process less cumbersome and streamlined. Notwithstanding this fact, we are not here to promote any state-of-art cutting edge technology. We still believe in the conventional techniques of studying like Memorizing, Writing after reading a particular topic.

As said earlier, though the exam has changed in its nature, characteristics, dynamics, syllabus, and approach we are of the view that the conventional methods of studying should still form the base for preparation. You now have access to all material and coaching classes easily. Thanks to internet and technology. But at the same time many times such material and classes are not compatible to UPSC requirements. Even if you find out the best of the best resources you may not know how to use it! Through this website we intend to give you the best of best material along with tried and tested strategies and method of studying for this exam. There are websites which give questions for daily answer writing. Most of them for free. But how many of them are writing? Why all those who are writing are not clearing? Humans are by nature ignorant. They need push from behind. Many of them don't write because there is no one to seek accountability for whether you have written or not. We at see that you do write regularly on daily basis and ensure you that once you write we give proper feedback with detailed comment for each question followed by model answers for the same questions. Of course we cannot do it for all papers.

At the outset we are aiming only GS Paper 2 and Political Science. We don't intend to make you experts in any or all of the fields. We will just give you some tips that will streamline your preparation and make you feel confident. We don't claim to be experts in all fields. Shubhra Ranjan is a well known faculty for Political Science and International Relations. She has credit of guiding many toppers like Tina Dabi (AIR 1), Ananya Das (AIR 16), Himanshu (AIR 28), Raghvendra (AIR 12) and many others in the past. Not spreading our tentacles in all the ares of syllabus our mission sticks to areas where we have subject specialization.

There must be many websites that give you free guidance, strategy and material. Many may wonder why some features in this website are charged while they are free in other websites. You may find some feature to be priced a much higher than other websites. For all of them who are thinking on this lines - You Get What You Pay and Everything Comes At A Cost. The concept of Cheap And Best is the greatest myth we have been lived with. A smart aspirant will identify which is the best and invests his/her energy and resources in it. The model of Forever Free For Everyone cannot be sustained unless there is source of donation. Our programs are certainly not a not-for-profit ones. However, we have kept the pricing at reasonable level. All commercial aspects in the website are entirely new. Even if the similar programs are provided elsewhere we have improvised it to make it more user friendly and UPSC compatible.

PRELIMS: We feel prelims is the most misunderstood part of the exam! Aspirants attend prelims coaching classes for months which according to us is of no or less use. Our aim is to facilitate your preparation for prelims. We have come up with a Advanced MCQ Search Tool that will change the way you study and practice. In order to make Prelims a cakewalk we have meticulously designed our test series. We will also tell you how to prepare for prelims. There is a method to study each phase of exam. If revision is backbone of prelims then writing is the backbone of mains. Our mission is to discover and let you know the strategy using which we can simplify the preparation and make yourselves positioned at a comfortable position.

GS PAPER 2 :Though we have history of teaching Polity, International relations for over two decades, it was not easy to find out why many aspirants are scoring less in GS Paper 2. We brainstormed, analyzed the pattern and revisited test series papers of successful candidates and ultimately found reasons behind low scores in GS Paper 2 which many people are comfortable with. Our aim is to comprehensively cover GS Paper 2 and enable you to score the maximum marks in this paper. And believe us, its possible!

POLITICAL SCIENCE OPTIONAL: For students of Political Science this will be the one stop destination. Our results in the past are themselves the testimonial of utility and compatibility of our notes with UPSC requirements. Many students in the past have just reproduced our notes to get highest marks in the exam. Our aim is to make the process of learning this optional more comprehensive by way of regular answer writing and repeated study of key areas thereby bringing more clarity and maturity of thoughts on the topics mentioned in the syllabus.

We have just mentioned in brief what all we intend to do through this website. Please navigate through the website and make familiar with all courses and programs and make the best use of them. Find out what exactly we are going to do to enable your dreams come true. For any appreciation and suggestion please feel free to shoot us a email at

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